We get them out of anonymity, and YOU make the difference by changing the story of their lives.

The “Aici Pentru Tine” Association was founded in 2015 and, since then, supports children, adults and older people with challenging life stories from all over Brasov county and from other counties in the country.

We are one of the few associations providing licensed social services for marginalised groups such as ill-treated mothers, abandoned children and young people from poor families. We have had great results from our teaching of children and adults with serious medical problems

Any amount, however small it may seem, is important for those in need.


The Gala “Aici Pentru Tine” is an annual event we organise to help our most serious cases.

We need volunteers with great hearts, cheerful and optimistic, to bring joy to the world.


We get involved, we put our souls forward and we support cases that have impressive life stories, and our projects take place throughout Brasov county.For them, we need to extend a helping hand, to say a good word and to guide them on the right path.

Stock: education and prevention, involvement, support, change, development. 


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