Disadvantaged groups feel the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in a very strong way. These people live on the brink of extreme poverty. Some of them were left without food supplies and have lost their jobs due to massive lay-offs. Due to the context of the pandemic, they found it impossible to find occasional labor. The anxiety based on the aggressive information spread across mass-media lead to states of depression, panic attacks and affected relationships within families.

The project aims to improve living conditions for 300 benefriciaries from Tărlungeni, Budila and Brașov. With the help of our volunteers, 1000 packages of food and hygiene products including hand sanitizers and anti-Covid safety products (300 packages) go to families who find themselves at risk. Our five volunteers will deliver the packages to people's homes and they will hand out informative flyers on Covid-19 health measures and ways to avoid infection.

Counseling will be provided by our psychologist to people facing crisis or abused. Sessions will take place both individually and in groups. They will be organized outdoors and will include up to 50 participants. They will be pursued in order to raise resilience among disadvantaged groups in the communities around Brașov, in the context of the national emergency measures against the pandemic.

The project also targets diminishing the transmission of Covid-19 within disadvantaged communities through the donation of safety equipment and through informing vulnerable groups on ways to protect themselves and prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

The communication component is meant to shape networks of projects and sets off to create partnerships and engage stakeholders in activities, obtaining media coverage and food donations.

The project is undergone by "Here for You" NGO (Asociatia Aici pentru Tine) with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE 2014-2021 grants.

www.activecitizensfund.ro și www.eeagrants.org.