Andreea is 32 years old and has been on dialysis for 20 years. When she was a child, she became ill because of the cold. Her Mother abandoned her as a child in a foster care centre. At this point, she was immobilized in bed because her bones have been grinding and she can’t walk.

She has had dialysis for 20 years and is in a wheelchair

Andreea – a big-hearted woman in a serious situation

At 32 years old, Andreea has been on dialysis for 20 years and is suffering from a serious form of osteoporosis. Her life is blighted by dialysis and being unable to move, due to fractures to both hips.

When it came to the attention of the association “Aici Pentru Tine,” Andrea’s story made an impact. Abandoned by her mother, in a foster home, with very bad kidneys, because of the cold she endured in her childhood. She was also immobilized in a wheelchair – Andreea hardly managed to smile..

Even though she has received numerous promises that she will be helped to walk, she has been in a wheelchair for more than a year, and doctors refuse to operate because, due to kidney problems, surgery involves great risks. Andrea’s only chance is a kidney transplant.

Andrea’s greatest wish is to manage to go to the bathroom alone. They live in a house provided by the council and the toilet is outside. She also wants to come off dialysis because Ionut, her husband, the only one who’s always been there for the past six years, cannot get a job. This means they both have to live off the tiny disability pension.

Their story is, however, a beautiful one. They love, respect and support each other, as few couples do. They’re on their honeymoon, because some generous people have helped them get married. Now they trust they’ll be able to overcome all their problems.

Together we can help them! “We take them out of anonymity, and you make the difference, changing the story of their lives.””

If you want to help Andreea, you can make donations to the “Aici Pentru Tine” account: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001 , opened at Unicredit Tiriac.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at 0726.686.793 – Adina Gal, president of the “Aici Pentru Tine” Association.