Bogdan struggles with death every day, due to severe heart failure. This causes his heart to beat at 20% of its capacity and affects the internal organs: liver, kidneys, cholecyst and general circulation.

He just wants to see his child grow up!

At 33, most people make many plans for the future and enjoy life (especially when they have just become parents).

Bogdan, though, is a new dad, has a wife who loves him but is in a desperate situation.

He has struggled for several months due to severe heart failure, which makes his heart beat 20% of his capacity. This also affects his internal organs such as liver, kidney, cholecyst, and general circulation.

Bogdan discovered his illness three years ago, but due to lack of money he could not afford a heart transplant or implant a cardiac defibrillator, so the disease recurred despite the basic medical treatment.

Now his life hangs on a thread and his wife strives to raise €5,000 for the cardiac defibrillator to keep him alive until he can have a transplant.

Any amount of money donated to Bogdan is really helpful because his family’s income is very small, he lives in a rented flat and has a child who is under one year old.

If you want to help Bogdan, you want to donate to the “Aici Pentru Tine” account opened at Unicredit Tiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001 .

For more information, you can contact us by phone at 0726.686.793 – Adina Gal, President “Aici Pentru Tine” Association.

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