THE “AICI PENTRU TINE” COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE SERVICE, located at 13 Decembrie Street No. 209, 500164 Brașov. It is a service provided in the community, for adults, between 35 and 65 years old, who are in situations of social isolation, risk of poverty, and social exclusion (low income, poor housing, illiteracy, or poor education).

Beneficiaries are provided with social assistance, developing an intervention/assistance and care plan, being guided, if necessary, to other services: social counseling, information, emotional support, professional/vocational guidance, psychological/psychosocial counseling, legal counseling, social integration/reintegration therapies, emotional – religious support, education for social integration/reintegration, facilitating access to general education, facilitating access to vocational education, social mediation, and acts of charity. The social service is performed by a specialized staff consisting of social workers and clinical psychologists, social services being free.

Category: day centers for assistance and support for other people in need, code 8899 CZ-PN-V, COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE SERVICES.

The social service is performed by a specialized staff consisting of the social worker and the clinical psychologist, the social services being free. If you need support or if you know someone in difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can do good!

The number of beneficiaries assisted per year is on average 50.