We know a 12-year-old boy named Cosmin who suffers from epilespy and needs medication. This will cost around 25,000 lei (£5,000) every 6 months until he turns 18!

At 12, Cosmin suffers from epilepsy! A costly treatment could help him fully recover

A new case has come to the attention of the “Aici Pentru Tine” Association. Cosmin’s mother, wrote us these exciting lines. Together we can help them!

“I have a child named Cosmin, 12 years old and suffering from a disease called EPILEPSY TYPE OF CHILD ABINTH and needs medical treatment, costing around 25,000 lei, needed for 6 months and that should up to the age of 18!

I discovered the illness while my son was in the third grade, when a schoolgirl, noticed some signs of lack of attention at classes and told my husband, we went with him to do neurological test because these manifestations are not normal and good specialist medical check-up would be good. That was the case in 2013, and after the medical check-up, this disease was discovered, which after proper treatment can be treated and the child returns 100% from the point of view of health! Thank you!”


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