Donate 2% to people in disadvantaged areas

Donate 2% to people in disadvantaged areas

Together we can help in a simple and beneficial way for our fellow citizens. Since October 2017, the Association “Aici pentru Tine” is licensed to provide Social Services in the Community. Specifically, to provide assistance and support to others in need.

But to be able to carry out as many actions as possible, we need a means of transport, which we do not have, and the costs of an action are not small. With your help, sponsors, people with a big heart, we can manage to make beautiful actions, actions that we invite you, with great love.

“COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE SERVICE” Aici pentru Tine “, located in 13 December Street No. 209, 500164 Brasov, is a service provided in the community, for adults, between 35 and 65 years old, who are in situations of social isolation, risk poverty and social exclusion (low incomes, poor housing, illiteracy or poor education).

Beneficiaries are provided with social assistance, elaboration of an intervention / assistance and care plan, guidance to other services, if necessary, social counseling, information, emotional support, vocational / vocational guidance, psychological / psycho-social counseling, legal counseling, counseling therapies. social integration / reintegration, emotional – religious support, education for social integration / reintegration, facilitating access to general education, facilitating access to vocational education, social mediation and charitable acts.

2% matters!

As so far, the Fiscal Code offers taxpayers the opportunity to redirect 2% of the income tax, due for the past year, to a non-profit entity. Basically, you can complete FORM 230 (for income from salaries) or 200 (for income from other sources). Once completed, these forms will be submitted by us to the local financial administration, until May 25.


And you can support a noble cause! Redirect 2% for people in disadvantaged environments. Any support is very important, and for your help, we thank you.


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IMPORTANT! Forms can be completed and signed electronically. Just follow the instructions in the form, after downloading it to your computer. Once completed, the forms can be sent by email to . Also, the forms can be printed, completed, signed and sent by post to the Association’s address, Str.13 Decembrie 209, Brasov.