Erasmus +, a safe way to reach the goals of the association “AICI pentru TINE”!

Erasmus +, a safe way to reach the goals of the association “AICI pentru TINE”!

Erasmus +, a safe way to reach the goals of the association “AICI pentru TINE”!

Our association aims to help different groups or people in difficulty. It’s not an easy road, but it all becomes clearer when you have professional and financial support. For this reason, Erasmus + has become a partner we can rely on.

First, I participated in several training sessions and learned how to run an Erasmus + project. We had representatives for projects in the country, but also for those in Poland, Turkey, Serbia, Germany or Slovenia. That’s how we came to realize two projects that are close to the financing stage.

Through the first project we will try to help young people between the ages of 13 and 18 from disadvantaged backgrounds avoid drug use. It’s called “Step Back from the Edge”, and it comes off the K0105 Axis, dedicated to teenagers and young people between 13 and 30 years old, but also to exchanges of young workers.

The second project aims at integrating people with minor and medium motor disabilities into society. It is important to know that the program also helps young leaders who have less than a year of experience in social support.

Both of the project were eligible, but, unfortunately, only the first project received funding.

And our road, in step with Erasmus + does not stop here.

We intend to accredit ESC – European Solidarity Corp and so we will have the precious opportunity to send and receive volunteers to any accredited organization in the world. In addition, we want to apply for another 3-4 projects by 2020 and hope we bring 4 experienced volunteers.

“Erasmus + is the program through which the EU supports education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It has a budget of EUR 14.7 billion, approximates 4 million beneficiaries and will run until 2020. The Erasmus + program has a wide applicability. Benefits include:

Access to quality, free education
Creating new relationships both professionally and personally
New opportunities for personal development
Free travel possibilities Intercultural exchange