At the age of 11, Florin has not known a day without anguish and sickness. He is a wonderful boy, struggling, since he was born, with a serious kidney disease and with bone and hip disorders. He has spend most of his life in hospital receiving treatment and investigative operations.

Povestea lui Florin a continuat la fel de tragic: în primele 6 luni de viață, deși a făcut tratamente intense cu antibiotice, Florin a suferit numeroase infecții urinare și a fost internat lunar, de câte două ori, în spital, apoi, la doar 9 luni, a suferit prima intervenție chirurgicală, din cauza hidronefrozei.

Florin is a wonderful little boy who has struggled all his life with a serious kidney disease and a hip disease. After the first few weeks spent in the hospital alone, and many investigations made during that time, doctors have diagnosed – kidney problems and hip dislocation.

The tragic story of Florin continued: during the first 6 months of his life. Despite intense treatments with antibiotics, Florin suffered numerous urinary infections and was frequently admitted to hospital. Aged just 9 months he suffered his first Surgical intervention due to hydronephros

At the age of 2, his hip was operated on once again and his left leg was shortened by 4 cm.

Before he was four years old, after a very serious kidney infection, he was sent to Bucharest, where he was diagnosed with a bilateral, fifth degree bladder-ureter reflux, and a tube was placed in his left kidney to remove urine. Since then, he has worn this tube permanently, which is changed every 3 months. This prevents him from wearing the corset needed for healing his spine.

Unfortunately, serious kidney problems are not only uncomfortable – Florin must go to school with a nappy, draining urine from the tube he has fitted. This, as you can understand hinders his social and physical development.

In the last three years, Florin has not grown at all in weight or height, aAt 11 years old, he weighs only 12 kgs. Hormonal treatment cannot be given because this would badly affect his spine even more.

According to doctors ‘ recommendations, the only hope, for a normal life is treatment at a clinic in Turkey. Physically exhausted, mentally and financially, Florin’s parents no longer have any money for quarterly visits to Bucharest, for the replacement of his tube or to provide food recommended by doctors..

The father is the only one working and the state disability allowance is insufficient. So, at this point, we are trying to collect as much money as possible for transport and treatment in Bucharest and for eventual intervention outside.

Help Florin – The boy with right kidney atrophy, a tube in the left kidney, a shorter leg and scoliosis. Can you imagine life like that?

You can make donations to the “Aici Pentru Tine” account, opened at Unicredit Tiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Camelia Gal

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