KCC – Kamelia Community Center is created by the humanitarian association “AICI pentru TINE” and the advertising company “ADTeam”, from Brasov, the fortress-city Kronstadt.

Kamelia Community Center – has as humanitarian purpose, the rescue and socio-cultural reintegration of disadvantaged children, teenagers, young people and grown-ups, as well as retirees – through support and interactive-reintegrative education.

This European community center is independent and unique in Transylvania and Romania.

KCC’s main objectives and actions are:

Saving the families in contemporary society;
Free consultations and medical help;
Socio-cultural rehabilitation and reintegration of disadvantaged people;
Help and promote the disadvantaged children and young people, that have great skills, even exceptional;
Professional development of disadvantaged young people and not only;
Psycho-educational recovery therapies;
The organization and functioning of the “Honterus” library – including the interactive coffee shop “Honterus”.

As well, promoting KCC in The European Union.

KCC – Kamelia Community Center was born in 2009 in the fortress-city, Brasov (in German Kronstadt, in Hungarian Brasso, in Latin Corona).

The parents of this beautiful project are the spouses Adina Camelia Gal and Andras Zsolt Gal, the founders of the humanitarian association “AICI pentru TINE” and the advertising company “ADTeam”, well known in Brasov and throughout Romania.

The “AICI pentru Tine” association was founded in 2015.It helps and supports, it educates and socio-cultural reintegrates children, young people and grown-ups, but also retirees with impressive, striking life stories, from Brasov and from the country.

The association, known, appreciated locally and nationally, is constantly supported by the advertising agency “ADTeam”.

KCC – Kamelia Community Center is a humanitarian institution, acting effectively with responsibility and determination for the salvation and socio-cultural reintegration of disadvantaged children, teenagers, young people and grown-ups, as well as retirees – through support and interactive education.

The community center KCC is independent and unique, being the first center of this type in Transylvania and Romania.

KCC helps people who are in medical, educational and social difficulties, people who, due to the actions of this center, finally means hundreds of stories ending with a happy end.

For example, among these cases are counted:

People without income and unprivileged
Marginalized families or with social exclusion risk
Victims of sexual exploitation
Romani families
Parents in difficulty
Young people who are in need for jobs
Mistreated moms
Children and young people with educational problems

The Community Center KCC offers to disadvantaged people and not only:

The interactive library and the interactive Coffee Shop Honterus
Workshops and apprenticeships
Classrooms and counseling rooms
Free medical office
Kitchen, dining rooms
Play rooms, sports and games room
Presentation spaces, a coffee shop and an administrative area

The KCC’s programs include:

Saving families
Vocational training and reconversion
Activities and practical courses for young people form risk categories
Occupational therapies
The interactive library and the interactive coffee shop Honterus
Psycho-educational programs
Personal counseling and group counseling
Courses to prevent alcohol, drugs and tobacco consumption
Afterschool program
Play and socialize for children
Sports programs
Medical, dental and pediatric offices, retirement consultations – free

The results that are obtained due to the KCC’s actions:

Social integration and reintegration
Strengthening family cohesion
Increasing the opportunities for obtaining a job
Reducing the costs of services by preventing and eliminating risk situations
Free access to pediatric and dental consultations and not only
Jobs for contributors
Beneficial development of self-confidence
Social and professional success
Development of learning, thinking, communication, cooperation skills and so on.

Determined, responsible and competent people who are working for KCC are included in:

The specialized personnel (social workers, psychologists, doctors, people of culture etc.)
Volunteers, local communities, other partner non-profit organizations
Partnerships with schools, kindergartens, with Transylvania University for volunteering and practice
Partnership with ISJB, DGASPC Brasov and the city hall of Brasov
Partnership with similar institutions from The European Union

How can you help this community center KCC, the first and only in Romania?

Be KCC partners
Donate or redirect 20% of tax
Volunteering- employee involvement in our actions
Partnerships on specific projects
Diesel fuel cards, building materials, counseling etc.