Little by little we are building a new home for a needy family

Little by little we are building a new home for a needy family

The story:

For over a few weeks a new social case has entered to the “Aici pentru Tine” Association’s attention. Life was hard for a family from Brasov, consisting of three members, a mother and two children. A retired mother, sick, a young daughter, who is blind and ill of epilepsy, and a big boy, who is also ill, but recently committed to helping her family with all her powers. The three live in a room with a bathroom and a kitchen, but the conditions are unfit for living. There is no running water, gas or electricity. It is certainly difficult to imagine such a scenario, but this is the reality.

There are people who need help. People who didn’t dare to ask, who don’t steal, who do not beg. The “Aici pentru tine” Association’s representatives gathered together and searched for installers who could help this family with current water and gas. They have searched for construction materials and men who can work for free to help this family. And the people with big hearts didn’t came late, and for this we thank them.

We got some donations, and the renovation’s have already have started. Unfortunately, we still need financial support or construction materials for the kitchen renovation, to modernize the room and to put the light installation back.Any donation is well received. Thank you!

If you want to make a donation to sustain our actions, then you can make donations in the Association’s account:  RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001 deschis la Unicredit Țiriac.

 you can contact us via telephone, at 0726686793- Adina Gal, president of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.



  • We finished the renovation of the apartment of the sanitary installation’s reparation. 
  • We cleaned the mess
  • We cleaned the walls, we plastered and put tiles on them 
  • The family received the construction materials from our sponsor Nym House Residence which we thank
  • The furniture and appliances were brought
  • We put windows in the bathroom
  • We offered permanent therapy and support in finding the best solutions

What’s next:

  • The reparation and reinstalling of the electrical installation
  •  The renovation of the remaining house