We want you to know that during this period, marked by the spreads of the Corona virus, COVID-19 that affects us all, we remain Aici pentru Tine. Now is the time to be with people who need support and relief as much as possible.

Although we had a period when we moved our offices home, now we are back. Even if we are going through a difficult period, we do our best to listen to your offers, to offer you advice, a good word and to lend you a helping hand, at the same time respecting the rules for fighting the disease and guiding you. you only go out when it is really needed. So, whenever you feel the need to be heard, contact us and we will listen to you.

🔝A person's love for women cannot be challenged️❤️

🔥They must be respected and loved because without them we would not exist. Only they can carry a baby in their womb and then ask for it, give it love and education.❣️
🤩So that today in the day dedicated to women everywhere we want to send them a warm birthday and thank you that you exist!

💥Historically, International Women’s Day (generically called Women’s Day) is celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate both the social achievements, politics and economic conditions of women, and the fight against discrimination and violence that still make their presence felt in many parts of the world. International Women’s Day was adopted in 1977 by a resolution of the UN General Assembly. The UN first celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 1975 – the International Year of Women.  👏

🗣On this special occasion, together with our extraordinary children from the Association, we made a series of congratulations through which they express their love and admiration towards mothers and women in their lives!🥰
❗️In the end we can say that this day was an extraordinary❗️
‼️Offering love, we can receive ten back‼️


🔥The Association Here for You! Brasov supports returning to a normal life by strengthening the implementation of anti-COVID-19 prevention measures in   disadvantaged communities.🙏
👋So that 3000 vials with infectant were distributed to students from Săcele, Tărlungeni, Homorod, Cața, Cuciulata, Comăna de Jos, Crihalma, Ticușu Nou, Budila, Ticușul Vechi.❣️

🔥So, the caravan of sanitizers resulted in 3000 sanitizers, 3 people involved in this beautiful action (Gál András Zsolt, Dragos Danila and Gal Adina) and about 500 kilometers.❤️

🔝The action was triggered with the resumption of school courses in education units.😍
🗣We want to return to a certain normality, which is why we want to have a strong involvement in schools so that the little ones can be educated towards prevention and protection.😊
🤩With this caravan we wanted to let the little ones know that this virus exists and that we need to protect ourselves, but also what would be methods of protection against this invisible enemy. 🦠
👉🏼Thank you to the sponsors Promedivet and AdTeam for the products offered but also for the continuous involvement! You helped to educate 3,000 children about Prevention!👏
💥We also bring a line of thanks to the people in the press who were with us! So, Buna Ziua, Brasov, Transilvania 365, Ziare.com, newsbv.ro – News from Brasov, Biz Brasov, Monitorul Expres, MyTex – Online News Brasov, Your Brasov, ZiareLive.ro thank you for your interest and support!🎥
‼️Let us be better, let us love more‼️
🤩With your help we are more powerful❗️
🤩 Together we are more powerful😇


🙏Thank you for all the efforts made to support us in our endeavor to help lower lucky people in this life!😇

🔥Represent for us a big mouthful of air through which we constantly manage to grow, develop and help as many people as possible!❣️

🤩With your help we are more powerful❗️
🤩 Together we are more powerful😇


💥The day of March 1 brings with it a beautiful spring custom called martisor.  🥰
🔝Marțișor is physically represented by a small object tied with two braided threads, knotted, white and red, which means the fight of life over death, of health against disease. Martisor is also considered a talisman of luck, welfare and value. It is customary for men to offer the ladies and gentlemen of their lives martisoare, as a sign of respect and admiration.💝
🗣Our dear children made a number of 50 martisoare to offer to the ladies and young ladies. All this is hand-made exclusively by our fantastic children metrizoate!😇
❗️Together we are more powerful❗️
🤩 Together we are more powerful😇
🤩“1 Martie” a sosit,
Mărţişorul mult dorit
La cei dragi a şi venit,
Copiii îl dăruiesc
Celora care-l iubesc.
Mi-aş dori s-aducă-n dar
Fericire, bunătate,
Pace pentru cei ce plâng
Noaptea, în singurătate.
Pentru cei fără părinţi
Cereasca lumii iubire
Să aibă şi ei un strop,
Un mic strop de fericire…. (Poezie preluată Roxana Iacob)


🤩Chess (from the Persian word shah, “king”) is a game of strategy between two players.👥

🔝The current form of the game appeared in southern Europe in the second half of the 15th century, after evolving from a similar much older game in India. Nowadays chess is the most popular game that can be played at home, in clubs, on the internet, by correspondence or in tournaments.❗️

Thanks for involvement and work for our children to teacher Andrada Popa.❣️


🥳We thank the sponsor principal AdTeam for all the effort made to help and support the association in the activities carried out over time. 💥

We remain deep grateful for everything you have done and are doing for us! ❤️

🔝It means a lot of lots! 🙏

🤩 Together we are more powerful😇


🔥16 children from disadvantaged backgrounds and registered by the Association “Here for You” will have a rare joy – to learn to ski🎿
👋A sport usually practiced by those with considerable incomes is now a chance even for the least privileged. 🥰
💥A rare opportunity for a hard-working child to have the chance to learn and practice a sport that was normally dedicated especially to those with “wide pockets”. Everything is possible when people with a high soul gather to do GOOD, for the less fortunate in this life.❣️

🤩 We thank Mr. Dorin Piposi who provided us with the complete equipment for free but also our teacher instructors Dumitriu Dragos and Dan Veres. 🙏

🗣Thank you also photographer Antonel Burlibasa who managed to capture the most special moments.😇
➡️Today these 3 wonderful people are part of the team of angels with soul good!⬅️
❗️ Together we are more powerful❗️


🔝Children work with psychologist clinician Zamfir Ion, with experience in over 1500 children’s cases❣️
😪 Each module of the psycho-educational program lasts 6 months, by age groups and includes weekly sessions of two hours each group. The actions consist of learning activities, through alternative methods, games and practice exercises, discussions on topics of general interest, presentations and motivational videos. 🙏

🤩Thank you, Mr. psychologist clinician, who is with children body and soul helping them, in each course, to develop their skills, to have a positive and open attitude towards people, to be empathetic and selfish, to adapt, to appreciate and to become a model for the community in which they live.🤲

❗️Together we can change generations❗️


🔥Over a year ago, at this time, we were in full activity organizing the charity gala “Aici pentru Tine”.🤩
🔝Now we are in the strong fever of the organization before the effective event.💝
💥Noon the day of the event we managed to make a series of fabulous gestures and to offer help to those tried by fate😌
🔥Today, however, the desire to organize and carry out this extraordinary gala was washed by an invisible enemy (Covid-19).🦠
🗣We remember those times, even if at the moment we have to postpone the event.
➡️We wholeheartedly want this virus to be armed so we can return back to our previous lives!⬅️


💥Starting today 17.02.2021, we started a new edition of the caravan disinfectants in schools in Brasov through which we want to offer children from disadvantaged environments materials sanitary, which can help prevent Covid- infection 19. 🦠

🔥3000 bottles of disinfectant will be distributed to students from 11 schools in disadvantaged communities for 2 weeks.❣️

❗️The sanitary materials were provided by Promedivet. Thank you!🙏

➡️Let’s love!⬅️
👋 Let’s be better! 🤲
🔥 Together we can change a world! 🔥


🗣ACCES The community social economy cluster consists of 12 NGOs from Brasov. All these have a single purpose, namely to make the world of NGO members as heard as possible.🙏

💥We want to make the voices of those in need heard everywhere, to solve the problems already existing! ❤️

🔝Only together can we make the goods as great as possible!👋


❤️Melania Luana Butnariu from the Brasov County Library, the children’s section and trainer of our children, carries out in this period a very beautiful activity on the occasion of the International Day of read together. 🙏
🤩Through this activity children develop on a cognitive and personal level. By default, he developed critical thought, perception and last but not least creativity.🤲
🔥 After the hard period we went through, with the return to normality for these children it means a lot! ❣️
🗣They really need our support, everyone’s!😇
💥Help / Offer and you will receive back tenth!  🥰
❗️Together we are powerful❗️

➡️The Bible encourages us to give willingly and with the right motivation. It benefits both the recipient and the giver. (Proverbs 11:25; Luke 6:38) Jesus said, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:35)⬅️


🔥But nevertheless, we remained united and with those in need!😇
🔝 In the first part there was an involution, a fear and a compulsion for all beneficiaries but over time things changed.

They gained trust and with each passing day they hope for better times and not so disturbed!💝

💥We managed to restart the activities with the little ones (these being the most affected). And today we have daily activities with them (in compliance with Covid-19 regulations)  🦠
🙏Thank you all for good thoughts!❤️
‼️We will do well‼️


🔝For some it may seem difficult. For others complicated.💝
💥But for our volunteers nothing is too complicated or even impossible!❣️
🤩When you do it from soul and you feel that offering something to society is purer, cleaner and much quieter soul!❤️
😌Why do we say these things❓
🗣Because all those we help, help from the bottom of our hearts and always receive in return good thoughts and feelings of goodness!☺️
➡️You are when you are in power and give society the best you can!🤲
👋And you can become an angel of good!😇
🤜Come to our team to do as much good as possible!🤛
‼️Love your neighbours ‼️
❗️Don’t be indifferent❗️
➡️Let’s be better, let’s love!⬅️


🔥The same way we think we are for these
helpless people, some friends! 
Why friends? ❓
😊Because when a person needs help all the true friends around him jump to his aid.🤲
🗣That’s why we consider ourselves friends of hope for these people, because when they were in impossibility and needed a lot of help, we were there to support them and give them a helping hand “Surely you, too, have helped a friend in need at least once.”❗️
😌“Surely you, too, have helped a friend in need at least once.”🤝
🥰 But why not do the same for people who have been hard hit by fate who always need support and help?
🤜Just remember!🤛
💥The moment you offered help, your heart was definitely filled with happiness and you had welfare! 💝
‼️Together we can create a better world‼️
➡️ Offer and you will receive back ten❣️
🥳 The world is changing through our example, not through our opinion!❤️


➡️We managed during the last 6 months
(Covid-19 pandemic) in 2020 to help a number of over 2000 people from favourite

➡️During this period, we offered a quantity
of food of about 1.5 tons to cover the stringing needs completely.

➡️In addition to food, people in need also received 55 pairs of shoes of very good quality but also many clothes.
➡️For the period we are passing (Covid-19) we offered hygiene products (5000 bottles to be exact). ‼️
🤩Thank you to all the sponsors and partners for not letting us down high but put more shoulder to supporting these persons!🤝
🔥Don’t be indifferent❗️

 💥 You can make the difference‼

🗣Helped a tormented soul of life! 👋
😇“Only together can we create a better world.”❤️


🔝Yes, they had less luck in life! 😪
🗣 In this critical period in which Covid-19 does not leave us and constrains our lives, the hardships tried by fate ask for help with all our souls

👋During this period more than ever they need help. They are hungry, they are cold, they want to live‼
💥That’s why during this period we offer these people a helping hand so that they can go through all these moments of hard test!🤲
🤩Together we can create a better world! 🥰
🔥“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it will open for you. For every one that asked received; he who seeks finds; and to him that knocked it shall be opened.” (Matthew 7: 7-8 NIV)😇


Today our dear children from the Association had an unforgettable recreational day! 🥰🔝
🔥On this day for the little ones the toboggan was the most hopeful partner of fun!🤩
🗣At the end of the day of fun, everyone left for happier and more filled houses but also a little freezing!😅
👋This day was a visit for the little ones and we want to have as many recreational days like this in the future❣️

🤲 Thank you on behalf of the children of those who helped us with clothes (for snow) and slides for them to have fun!🤝


🗣And they are people❗️
💥Even if they are of Ethnicity Rome, this does not mean that they do not have a soul and should not help. We are all people regardless of ethnicity, color or race and we have to help them just as we help brother!🔥
👋They need Me to You to We!🤲
🤩They are children, they want to grow up and do GOOD in turn (words said by one of the children himself) 😇
🔥Through these donations we managed to feed and make happy 58 of the disadvantaged children!
🔝Even if Covid is still among us, we don’t give up and move forward to do good!  🦠
😘Together we can do a lot of good deeds!❣️
❗️Thanks to the angels of good deeds: Olympus Foods Romania, H&E Reinert Romania, Cos 2000 Distribution and Brasov Regional Food Bank😌


🗣Yesterday, January 24, 2021, 162 years have passed since the Small Union🥳
👋 How Alexandru Ioan Cuza managed to unite the two principles (Tara Românească and Moldova) in 1859 with a lot of tumult and chin, and we people of the 21st century should unit towards to do well, to help and love!
🗣We are Romanians and we have to show the fact that the small union and the big union were not just events!🤝
❤️ UNITED we are more powerful!  🤝
🔥Together we can create a better world! 💥

… “Romania is my country

Today is your birthday

And instead of a wish

From my Dacian chest

I’ll shout out loud

Forgive me for not doing it anymore

I won’t let them steal from you anymore

I won’t let them swear at you anymore

I don’t let them make fun of me anymore

And if I do, I’ll put them through the fire

And I hope in my life

Let me see you in the face again

In front on the world map

Part with the masters

That’s it

These are us

We drink to joy

And I’m telling you, I’m not shying away

Romania, I love you!” (Țara Mea)


💥Their happiness, our revival!🤩
🔥The joy transmitted by a child can mean more than 1000 words!
🆘Today it is the turn of the communities from Tărlungeni to receive support with food products, because straining necessity is the biggest impediment in the case of all people hard tried life 😇
🔝I haven’t forgotten the people in the rest of the community either.” In the next period we will reach the others who need it!  🥳
❗️Together we can make a better world❗️
🗣Let’s not forget our fellows hit by this cruel life!
‼️Help! Change can start right from YOUR heart! ❤️


🔝We need your support!🔥
👋In order to be able to do recreational activities at the skating rink with the little ones, we need your help!😪
🤩If you have skates that you no longer use or don’t come to and you want to throw, don’t DO it!
💥Think that children like ours can enjoy unspoken by them!🤲
❗️So do a good, don’t throw the skates❗️
🗣This is how you can bring happiness on the face of a child ❣️

🤩Bucurie la patinoar! 🔥

🔥Pandemic? Yesssss
❤️But nevertheless, the joy on a child’s face must not be eradicated!🤩
👋This does not mean that we do not respect the restrictions in force! 😪
💥In order to bring them an extra joy, we decided to take them to the skating rink!⛸
☺️Movement and clean air can do nothing but good!  ❣️
🥳They enjoyed extremely long, it was a day full of fun and good cheer!
🗣We enjoy unspoken that we can create a good time for them every week!😌


🔝And you can be part of our team of volunteers!🔥

🤩Only together can we bring a smile to the lips of people hard tried by life!💥
🗣Don’t be indifferent, contribute to supporting these people❗️
👋 The more we are, the more we can maximize the good done‼️
🥳Become an angel of good too!😇


🥳We remain here for you!🤩
🔥Even though the holidays are over, we don’t stop helping people.

And not just any people, but people who really need help and find it hard to live even overnight!😪

🔝They need our support to be able to lift and handle themselves, without receiving external help!

And you can do well, helping a man!💥

👉🏼Why do well?👈🏻

– Goodness brings your health and fills you with happiness

– Goodness according to studies has the power to modify the structure brain

– Goodness is the key generation of oxytocin (also called the hormone of love)

– Helping yourself helps you!

– The moment you are good and help you feel an mistakable call and a continuous state of well-being!

❗️So don’t stay indifferent, offer to receive in your turn❗️
🗣Together we can create a better world! 🤩


💥It was an exceptional day!🤩
🗣We went with our fantastic children on a mini- trip in nature! 🥰

Where have I been⁉️

🔝We visited the Brașov’s catacomb, the towers (Black and White) and then we returned to the association to enjoy a slice of pizza, a glass of suck but also a film brand Netflix! 🥳
👋Throughout the visit we were accompanied by an extraordinary guide! We truly thank Mr. Viorel! It was very nice, a lesson of history, health and relaxation but especially good!🔥
😌We aspire to a new beginning, despite the pandemic we really want to restart  activities with the little ones.  ☺️
🗣They need socialization, movement, relaxation but most importantly, love!❣️
❗️Thank you also from the press for accepting our invitation and being with us today❗️


Thousands of thanks from the “Aici pentru Tine” Association to those from the Brasov Metropolitan Agency and the City Hall of Brasov!!!💝


🥳The holiday campaign for 2020 ended and was a success!🤩
🔥We managed to feed and shoe dozens of people from favorite backgrounds!  🥰
❗️Even we have not remained indifferent, even if we have gone through and we are still going through an extremely difficult period.💥
🗣We are and will always be alongside personal tried by this life.😇
👋We are very proud of the fact that we managed to bring the smile on the faces of these people!☺️
🆘Our fight continues but even you can join! ❤️
🔝Come on in our team!❣️
😌Together we can do even more well!🎁
🗣Let’s be better, let’s love more! ❤️
👉🏼“Love is happiness, hatred is torment” (Matei 22,40)👈🏻


🤔What do we want from this 2021?💥
😌We put all our hope that this year will be a much better one, without too many problems or cares. And what we want most is for everything to return to normal!🥰
🔥This year we really want to re-start all the activities with children, to help all the beneficiaries so that they can make their life easier and internally we want to grow, to develop and be better at what we do.😘
❗️We strongly believe that all our desires and aspirations this year will become reality. We do not lose hope and we still believe that everything will be good and even better ❗️
🆘We have too high expectations from this 2021 ⁉️
👉🏼We really don’t believe it.👈🏻
👋If the year 2020 was one of tests and the struggle for survival, this year must be one full only of good and beautiful things.❣️
🗣Let’s be better, let’s love more! ❤️
🔝Life is a gift we must continually enjoy! 🤲
🤝Love your neighbor as yourself! ❤️

💥HAPPY New year! 🥳

💥Happy years!  🥳
❗️With good and bad we finally managed to get through this year as well! A difficult year with many problems and trials that put us all to hard tests 😪
🔥We constantly hope that next year will be a better, better prosperous and with fewer negative things! 😌
❣️Thank you to those who this year full of tests and problems, did not leave us, but did more to support us further.🤝

❤️“Get over what it was, really believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! Happy Birthday!🥰


🔥The Association “Aici pentru Tine”
During the Christmas week, Brașov runs the traditional campaign to brighten the
winter holidays for the less fortunate of us.


🗣 Employees and volunteers will be “Together for the Holidays” in Apața and Căpeni, for old and alone children who cannot enjoy Christmas because of their material income, needs and sufferings. 🆘
‼️ “Aici pentru Tine” will donate hundreds of kilograms of clothes, toys, books, shoes, but also food – cakes🎁
👋“We thank all those who bring joy in the faces of poor people. Most of them are alone, they don’t have someone to spend their old age with. For them, this gesture means more than meal table, or gifts under the Christmas tree. It means that someone remembered them and that they don’t care😇🥰
☺️ In total, over 450 packages of food, sweets, toys, dairy, clothes, shoes, books and toys will be donated in Apața and Căpeni, Budila, Tărlungeni and Brașov, starting Tuesday and until Friday.
If you also want to support these children hard try of luck to have a future as good as you can make a  donation.
‼️Does not remain indifferent, only with YOUR help can we finish well!
🤝 We must be united, especially in this difficult period!


🤔What do we want from this 2021? 💥
😌We put all our hope that this year will be a much better one, without too many problems or cares. And what we want most is for everything to return to normal!🥰
🔥This year we really want to re-start all the activities with children, to help all the beneficiaries so that they can make their life easier and internally we want to grow, to develop and be better at what we do.😘
❗️We strongly believe that all our desires and aspirations this year will become reality. We do not lose hope and we still believe that everything will be good and even better❗️
🆘We have too high expectations from this 2021⁉️
👉🏼We really don’t believe it.👈🏻
👋If the year 2020 was one of tests and the struggle for survival, this year must be one full only of good and beautiful things.❣️
🗣Let’s be better, let’s love more!❤️
🔝Life is a gift we must continually enjoy!🤲
🤝Love your neighbor as yourself!❤️


🆘We bring to your attention Larisa’s case…‼️
🗣The little girl who at a very young age suffers from some ailments that you could not wish for even the greatest enemy.😪
👉🏼His diagnosis is:  transposed by large vessels.👈🏻
🔥Larisa has a cardiac stimulator implant in her stomach that keeps her alive and, suffering from a congenital malformation, she had heart surgery.❤️
🔝Larisa has a great need for a test of her current condition and a very expensive drug treatment.💰
👋 Supporting Larisa to get 3 months of treatment in Germany you can support her dream for a normal life.❣️
🗣The donation can be made directly to the association’s account by bank transfer to:
 RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001 UNICREDIT ȚIRIAC BANK. sau direct la sediul Asociației! 🤲
👉🏼#YOU can make a #difference!  🆘
💥#Everyone #deserves a #chance in this #life!  🤗


Thank Elcor Paper and LaDoiPasi for their continued support. Today you are part of the group of angels of good deeds!

Thank you


Thank you to the partners in the press, they are the ones who always spread the message of good deeds, and with their help we are more and more benefactors! Here are some of them below ..

Together we are stronger, for them, those in need!



🔥In this difficult period, we made together with our children fantastic decorations hand-made with specific for the Christmas celebration.❣️
🔝We want all these decorations with our children’s own imprint to reach the people who have supported us and support us with everything we need even if we are going through a more difficult period.🤝
❗️All these making and decoration activities were done with very strict protection rules (Covid-19).😪
🗣Even if we are going through hard moment, this does not mean that we have to stop all activities. If we did this, even the last feeling of happiness in our soul would perish.😣
👉🏼Even if there are sanitary problems, life must go further away!👈🏻


🗣Most of the time the road to doing good is hard and difficult but with the support of Arinovis we always manage to take where we aim, in safety and without problems.


🗣So even now ’at the beginning of the winter season I chose with confidence their services!

We personally have always been very satisfied!

Take advantage of their high-quality work to change tires depending on the season!

👉🏼The mission of Premio Arinovis is to offer customers quality services, sustainable products and prestige at honest prices!👈🏻
👋For 20 years I have been an integrated solution for marketing tires and rims but also for assembling them.👌
❣️For them, we also confidently offer the guarantee of a job well done!🤌


🗣We #created #together with our #fantastic #children, a #series of #congratulations💌 for a successful entrepreneur from Brașov – SARAY Confectionery🍰.

These were #created to be #given to #confectionery #employees on their birthday.❤️

➡️  All the #congratulations were #worked manually by our children (note their rich imagination).  🤗
😘  We #enjoy this #wonderful #realization and we hope to have such #projects as #often as #possible! This is the only way we can #integrate these #children and make them #extra #joy! 🔥
🤝If you are #delighted with the #hand-made #creation of these children and you are #willing, you can #contact #us! 🙏
🔝Let’s #highlight the #creativity of these children and #fruit it!  🔥
👉🏼#YOU can make a #difference!  🆘
💥#Everyone #deserves a #chance in this #life!  🤗


🗣These people are #poor  ⁉️
Many of you #would say #yes😞
🔝We #contradict you! These #people are #poor #financially💰but they are #rich #spiritual!❤️ They love and offer love as if it were the last day of life!🔥
🗣And we #should all do this because we are not #eternal! 😪
🙏“We were born from the dust and we will return to the dust!” ⚰️
👋We must learn to enjoy every day in our lives and love our fellows as if it were the last day! 🆘
👉🏼 “Let us love one another, so that in one thought we may confess” (Doxology) 👈🏻
👉🏼 #YOU can make a #difference!  🆘
💥#Everyone  #deserves a #chance in this life!  🤗
👋 Don’t be indifferent! 🙌
💝“Together we will always be stronger”! 💪

🙏Thank you for supporting the contributors of the good deeds: Brasov Regional Food Bank, Olympus Foods Romania and SARAY Confectionery


🗣We #remember fondly the activity carried out together with our #fantastic #children💥.We organized an #interactive #activity in which the little ones had the opportunity to #sculpt and color #pumpkins according to their own taste (this activity is on the occasion of the Halloween celebration). 🎃
What came out at the end⁉️
You can see for yourself in the #pictures #below.
It is clear to the #naked eye what a vast #imagination a child can have.
We are very happy that we managed to brighten their day a little 🔝which was still #quite #gloomy. ❤️
🔥We were looking forward to #lifting #restrictions in order to be able to continue #activities with these children anyway high trying life. 💫
👉🏼We hope to see each other physically again as soon as possible!  👈🏻
❗️“#Stay #safe and #Healthy”❗️
🙏Thank you for the support offered to Mrs.Doina Constantin and the volunteers from the “Grigore Antipa” High School in Brașov! ❣️


❗️All children deserve a chance, which is why the “Aici Pentru Tine” Association carries out instructive-educational activities:  chess♟ psycho-educational program,  English,  cyberbully-ing courses,  financial education💸activities non-formal instructive educational and general culture in order to give these children a real chance towards integration into society and personal development.🆘

👉 All these activities are supported by professionals: teachers, psychologists and trainers with decades of experience in the field.
🤜 We respect all the restrictions to limit the spread of the  COVID19 infection.
If you also want to support these children hard try of luck to have a future as good as you can make a  donation.
‼️Does not remain indifferent, only with YOUR help can we finish well!
🤝 We must be united, especially in this difficult period!


😃 How good it is to remember the beautiful experiences of the youth exchange “Step Back from the Edge”, organized in Brasov in January 2020 by the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.

😉 9 months have already passed and today we had an online meeting, Romania-Turkey, in which the young people talked about the Erasmus experiences, about the friendships that remained beyond the January activity but also about the current challenges related to the pandemic.

➡️ “Step Back from the Edge” is a project funded by the European Union through the  Erasmus+ program.


Pizza🍕, cake🎂, games and lots of fun!

We make up for a lost time in quarantine and celebrate the birthdays of all the children in the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.

Unfortunately, we are not all the same, and “social distancing” did not “help” anyone, especially them😕

But we have the mission to really #help and do# everything we can to make them great people, even in harsh conditions.

❗️But we need YOU because it’s hard on our own.

Only together can we help them!

Thank you! 🙏 BomBo Confectionery for the sweet surprise! 🎂


Thank you!!! 😘

Only together can we create a better world and help the hard-pressed!

We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.


Today we started our first cyberbully class. We created this course to make children/teenagers/parents aware of issues that are often unseen but occur frequently online. We try to teach them how to avoid and not become aggressive or even worse aggressors.

Don’t know what cyberbullying is?

Cyberbullying is defined as the use of digital technology by an individual or group of people to repeatedly and intentionally harm another person or group of people who have or have difficulty defending themselves. This aggressive behavior can manifest itself through email, public posts or private messages on online social networks, or in games, and can manifest itself through humiliation, threatening or insulting messages, exclusion from various communities, or even situations. issues involving sexting.

“Cyberbullying is very unpleasant because it can be public, difficult to download from the Internet, and can affect you all the time, even when you are at home. In addition, it is always posted online and will have repercussions on your future. “

Don’t be indifferent to online aggression, HELP!

If you want to support the continuation of your cyberbully courses, you can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001. Or donate online!

We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.


#Chess – an excellent mentor for a training mind, develops logical thinking, exercises the imagination, and has effects by improving the school situation.

The “Aici pentru Tine” association is involved in the education of disadvantaged children and fights to make them great people!

Fight and #TU with us and get involved in the community and for the future of our children!

I started #chess courses! Happy and with fresh strength!

🔛Chess develops memory, concentration, imagination, and creativity, great for children in the “Aici pentru Tine” Association. We are and will be here for you! ❤️

Help disadvantaged children to change their lives together! Make a #donation!

Thank you! 🙏

Only together can we create a better world and help the hard-pressed!

We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.


We started June with a pleasant surprise for the children from the villages around Brașov.

They received from our sponsor, DO Security, laptops with which to open their horizons and benefit from the online school. The children were very happy and eager to discover them. We hope they find it useful.


It is important that all children have equal opportunities. We at Aici pentru Tine support vulnerable communities and promote inclusive education. DO Security is a reliable partner, made up of people with big souls, fully involved during the last 5 years in our self-help campaigns. In addition to their material support, they showed solidarity, going to the children’s homes and personally offering the children’s gifts.

Any help counts, changing for the better the life stories of needy people and starting the chain of good deeds through the power of example.


It is said that good people always meet. This year, during the holy Easter holidays, they were needed more than ever and the number of good deeds was commensurate.

With the help of our reliable partners, to whom we are very grateful, Chemark Rom, main sponsor, Olympus Foods Romania, Reinert Martinel, Promedivet Sovata, Saray and Bombo Confectioneries, Lactate Brădet, Perutnina Romania, Two Hands Bakery and our volunteers, we managed to we donate packages of basic food and disinfectants to more than 300 disadvantaged families in Brașov and the surrounding area that lit up their holidays and helped them protect themselves against the Covid-19 virus.

Once again we have realized that a good deed makes a thousand words for people in need and we continue to be with them.


In the fight with COVID-19, through a smile and a healthy snack, I felt that I had brought a ray of light to the thousands of people who need it most.

Disadvantaged people with low incomes, the sick, doctors and staff from hospitals that fight in the front line, the elderly from nursing homes. During this period, together with our partner, Olympus – the largest milk processor in Romania, we provided the largest transport of dairy products so far, namely 300,000 natural yogurts. The campaign was carried out in partnership with Andreea Marin’s foundation, Appreciate life. In this way we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their constant social involvement and for always being with us, building and building the good together.

An example and a model to follow!