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There are thousands of people around us who need help, who feel powerless in the face of the problems they have. Adina Gal, founder of the project, works to take many of those people out of anonymity so that people can know their story and help change them.

The “Aici Pentru Tine” Association was founded in 2015 and supports children, adults and older people with challenging life stories from all over Braşov County and from other counties in the country.

We have the only Community Assistance service in Brasov – “Aici pentru Tine” for unprivileged adults, but we support marginalized groups, such as abused mothers, abandoned children, young people from poor families, with special educational results, but also children or adults with serious medical problems.

The association “Aici Pentru Tine” is authorized by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons, in accordance with the provisions of law 172/2012, and has a protocol of cooperation with the Directorate of Social Services Brasov and the Directorate For Social Assistance and Child Protection in Brasov.

Our mission is to initiate, expand and improve social services for the integration of marginalised people and groups into society, through educational and cultural activities and psychological and professional counselling.

“We take them out of anonymity, and you make the difference by changing their life story.”

The “Aici pentru Tine” Annual Report – February 2018 – February 2019

The “Aici pentru Tine” Annual Report – February 2019 – February 2020