Paula Seling and Florin Chilian are coming to Brasov to support the cases of two seriously ill children!

Paula Seling and Florin Chilian are coming to Brasov to support the cases of two seriously ill children!

The well-known artists Paula Seling and Florin Chilian are coming to Brasov to support the cases of two serious ill children. It is the second year in a row when the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, together with the “AdTeam” Agency Brasov, are organizing the event which will take place on February 23 2018, at Aro Palace Hotel, Brasov.

With the help of the people with big hearts, in 2018, we are together with two serious medical cases. More exactly, we are together with two beautiful and wonderful children, to which we will try to change their fate.

Răzvan is 13 years old and in urgent need of a kidney transplant, and the costs of the investigations and the operation amount to over 2,000 Euros. Due to the lack of donors, the kidney for the child will be donated by his mother. “I am the mother of two beautiful children, a 12 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. Our problems started in 2015, at the beginning, after a series of analyzes that we did to the boy. The diagnosis made by doctors was ruthless: “heart failure” with birth malformation and “stage 5 renal failure”. There are many needs when you have a sick child and a small child. ” says Veronica, the boy’s mother. Răzvan is now on dialysis every 4 hours.

We are also with Cristina, a beautiful young woman who also turned 13 years old. She is completely paralyzed. She was born with a malformation of the heart, a “hole” that at 5 years old was operated and “blocked” with a “patch” by doctors. In April 2017, she was successfully operated at heart, but, during the operation, however, the child’s brain was no longer oxygenated, says the father, and was paralyzed. Different steps have been taken to change the girl’s condition. The only result was a few injections that helped her face, so she started to move her hand a little and smile. But an injection costs 500 lei, and the family already has significant debts. The girl should do two such injections a week, but for lack of money, the treatment is not maintained properly. In addition, there are other huge costs for recovery exercises and other medical investigations.

Together with us, in support of these two serious medical cases, the presence of artists Paula Seling and Florin Chilian, Claudia Șuteu and Ioana Bozga, was confirmed at an event presented by Andreea Marin.

At the charity Gala, those present will have the opportunity to make donations to support the actions we are taking, and will also be able to participate in a unique auction of paintings signed by artist Dan Mălureanu.


Also, at the event, the “Celebre” Fashion House will present the new collection, and the models are invited by Artemis Models Brasov.


This year, the public will have access to the event, but the number of seats is limited. Those interested can write to us at the email address:, they can contact us by telephone or they can pay the value of the invitation, through an online donation, in the Association’s PayPal account. The value of the invitation is 35 Euro. Deadline for the purchase of tickets: February 16, 2018!

In 2017, the funds obtained through the Charity Gala were redirected to support a social case. Cara Maria, 48 years old, mother of two beautiful children, urgently needed a foot prosthesis. It was bought and also, throughout the year, Cara Maria received material and emotional support from the Association. Twice, even three times a week, Cara Maria went with us to the “Sf. Constantin” Hospital, where she received costly medical treatments to treat the varicose ulcer she is suffering from. Last but not least, Maria followed a long series of medical investigations, from which resulted the serious diseases she suffers, the genetic mutations “factor V Leiden” and “Lupus”, a critical combination from a medical point of view. At this moment Maria continues the treatments for all these and will continue to be in the records of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.


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