❗️Today we will #present a #serious #medical #case that has a great #need for #help! ❣️
It is #about #little Larisa, a 9 years old girl, who underwent 3 heavy #surgical #operations on the #heart. After the last operation, the family was informed that the little girl will have to #follow an #anticoagulant #treatment that is quite dangerous #together with #another #medicine. And in order to be able to keep the #whole #situation under #control, they need testers (INR), in order to be able to dose the drugs properly. These #testers and #drugs #cost a lot. 😣
😔Larisa #also has a #cardiac #stimulator #implant in her stomach that keeps her #alive and #suffers from a #congenital #malformation and she had #heart #surgery. The diagnosis is: #transposing #large #vessels.  🧬
🔥 To keep the #disease #under #control, #periodic #medical #tests and a very #rigorous #treatment must be done in order not to make blood clots! #Specifically, Larisa needs #financial #help to go back to Germany for #treatment and at 3 months a #test #box that costs 200 euros, I also #attached the last #receipt. Larisa was #helped by Asociatia Aici pentru Tine with the #treatment of the #tests, but #unfortunately, it takes much more #to #get #back to Germany.
🔝All this #costs a #lot, which is why the #family #needs #financial #support to keep Larisa alive. The little girl has #been and is being helped by our association for 4 years!
👉🏼We ask all angels who do good deeds for the support!👈🏻
🗣#DO NOT remain indifferent to this case!
Larisa wants to #grow and #grow !!! ❤️


At the age of 33, most people make many plans for the future, enjoy life (especially when they have just become parents) and live the experiences they go through with enthusiasm.


Bogdan, however, although he is a new dad and has a wife who loves him, is in a desperate situation.

For several months, he has been struggling between life and death, due to a severe heart failure, which causes his heart to beat at 20% of its capacity, affecting his internal organs – liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and venous circulation.


Bogdan discovered his disease three years ago, but due to lack of money he failed to have a heart transplant or implant a heart defibrillator, so the disease recurred, despite drug treatment.


Now, his life is hanging by a thread and his wife is trying to raise 5,000 euros for the cardiac defibrillator, which will keep him alive until he can do a transplant.


Any amount of money, donated to Bogdan, is a real help, because his family’s income is low, he lives in rent and has a growing child for almost a year.

If you want to help Bogdan, you can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Gal, president of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”



Andreea – a woman with a big soul, in a serious situation


At 32, Andreea has been on dialysis for 20 years and suffers from a severe form of osteoporosis. Her life is divided between dialysis, the inability to move due to fractures in both hips, and the lack of what is necessary for a normal life.


When it came to the attention of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, Andreea’s story impressed. Abandoned as a child by her mother, in a foster home, with very sick kidneys, due to the cold she endured as a child, and immobilized in a wheelchair, Andreea hardly manages to smile.

Even though she has received many promises that she will be helped to walk, she has been in a wheelchair for more than a year, and doctors refuse to operate on her because, due to kidney problems, surgery involves great risks. So Andrea’s only chance is a kidney transplant.


Andrea’s biggest wish is to be able to go to the bathroom and dialysis alone so that Ionuţ, her husband, the only one who has always been by her side, for the last 6 years, can get a job. Now, because she can’t travel alone, not even to the bathroom (I live in a house provided by the town hall, and the toilet is in the yard), they both have to deal with the small disability pension.


Their story is, however, a beautiful one. They love, respect and support each other, as few couples do. They are on their honeymoon, because some kind people have helped them get married, and they are confident that they will be able to overcome all the problems.

Together we can help them!

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”

If you want to help Bogdan, you can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Gal, president of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.



A new social case is in the attention of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association. Cosmin’s mother, a 12-year-old teenager, wrote us these emotional lines. Together we can help them!

“I have a child, named Cosmin, aged 12 and suffering from a disease, which is called ABILENCE TYPE OF CHILD ABILENCE and needs drug treatment, which costs around 25,000 lei, necessary for 6 months and which must made up to the age of 18!


“I discovered the disease when my son was in the third grade, when a teacher, whom I want to thank in this way, noticed some manifestations of inattention in class and told my wife to we go with him to have a neurological check-up, because these manifestations are not normal and a specialized medical check-up would be good. This was happening in 2013, and following the medical control, this disease was discovered, which after an adequate treatment can be treated and the child to recover 100% in terms of health! Thank you!”

Together we can help them!

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”

If you want to help Bogdan, you can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Gal, president of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.



Florin is a wonderful little boy, who has been struggling, since he was born, with a serious kidney disease and diseases of his spine and hip. After the first weeks of life, spent only in the hospital, and many investigations, done during this time, doctors diagnosed him – kidney problems and hip dislocation.


Florin’s story continued just as tragically: in the first 6 months of his life, although he underwent intense antibiotic treatments, Florin suffered numerous urinary tract infections and was hospitalized twice a month, then in hospital, then at only 9 on Monday, he underwent his first surgery due to hydronephrosis.


At the age of 2, he underwent surgery again to put his hip back on, and his left leg was shortened by 4 cm.

At less than 4 years old, after a very serious kidney infection, he was sent to Bucharest, where he was diagnosed with bilateral bladder-bladder reflux, grade 5, and a tube was fitted to his left kidney to remove urine. . Since then, the boy has been wearing this tube permanently, which is changed every 3 months, and which prevents him from wearing the corset needed to heal the spine.


Unfortunately, serious kidney problems are not only uncomfortable – Florin has to go to school with a pampers, in which urine leaks from the tube he has mounted, but also prevents his normal development.


In the last three years, the little boy has not gained weight or height at all, being only 12 kg, at 11 years old. And the hormonal treatment cannot be administered to him, so that his spine is not further affected.


The only hope, for a normal life, is, according to the doctors’ recommendations, a treatment outside, at a clinic in Turkey. It’s just that, at the moment, physically, mentally and financially exhausted, Florin’s parents don’t even have money for the quarterly hospitalizations in Bucharest, for the replacement of the nephrostomy, or for providing the food recommended by the doctors.


The father is the only one who has a job, and the disability allowance from the state is insufficient. So, at this moment, we are trying to raise as much money as possible, for transport and treatment in Bucharest and for a possible intervention abroad.


Christmas is approaching and Florin, who, despite his illness, is a normal boy (and very smart), I want a gift – a laptop, with internet subscription, and a normal desk, where he can do his homework, without sitting , day by day, in an awkward position, at a broken table.

Help Florin – the boy with the right kidney atrophied and a tube in the left kidney with a shorter leg and scoliosis. He will bear the burden of the disease more easily if he feels that he is supported by all of us! But from the gift is made Heaven! Let’s help Florin to follow his treatment and give him and his parents a Merry Christmas!

You can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Camelia Gal

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”



A handsome man. Hardly tried by fate, but he also proved to be a strong man. She also has the strength to fight for those like her, who ended up living in a wheelchair, even though she was born healthy. Just a moment is sometimes enough to turn the whole life upside down. Magda rose above the feelings that can put a man on the ground in a situation of no return. She didn’t give up. She found within her a force stronger than pain, revolt, bitterness, humiliation, helplessness – all this and much more, all together.

It has been rebuilt. He continued to learn. He finished psychology, but he didn’t stop here. She was reborn and gave birth – not without risk – to the wonders of her life. A sensitive little girl who looks like her. She built a movement, for hard-pressed people, like her – Atypical Beauty. He is one of the people who lays a foundation for change for the better. A model to follow.


But, unfortunately, Magda’s health is now experiencing a new turning point, and we know very well that without a state of balance, our dreams cannot go far. A necessary leg operation, performed in Romania, but unsuccessful, today has consequences that cannot be overlooked. As if that wasn’t enough for him to live in a wheelchair, the rod that the doctors recently fitted is longer than it should have been and risks breaking his patella…


Magda needs surgery again, this time in an emergency. Acibadem A Class Healthcare Services joined our cause, bringing two doctors emeritus to Bucharest and offering free preliminary consultation, but also a significant reduction in the cost of surgery, but it needs us all. The intervention has an unavoidable cost: 7000 euros, much more than she can afford” says Andreea Marin on her Facebook page.

We also try to lend a helping hand and help Magda. On holidays we can do a good deed, we can change destinies.

Every one of us, every message, matters!

Donate 2 Euro by SMS, to 8827, with the text: Magda.



Dear friends, this is a message received on the email address of the Association. A message full of sincerity, and we put it here, just as we received it. Here are Mr. Enea’s moving words:

“I am a person with mental disability,I definitely, from Dolj County I have a child with polymorphic dyslalia and dyslumbar scoliosis with double curvature, and he doesn’t stay with me, he stays with his mother because he divorced me because I have a mental disability, and my parents they told him to leave with my child. The disability pension is 272 lei and I still have 520 disability money that I don’t have enough, I give him 100 lei maintenance pension, I would need an electric bike to go child, he is 30 km away from me and a phone with a chopper for games. I came across your site on the internet, and I saw that you help people with disabilities and people exposed to isolation like me, at the age I am 35-65 years old I ask you for help if you can help me, I live in the country, in a village with few inhabitants. My e-mail is eneaflorin798 @ yahoo.ro, money for repairing the house with cement plaster and multibat 2500, roof repair no I know how much it costs, as in a heavy rain it rains in it and in winter it puts snow under the tiger la, firewood.

My address is Enea Florin, Sat. Sapata, Str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza no.12, Com Macesu de Jos, Jud. Dolj, postal code 207371, nr.de telf.0762637016 I will also send you a copy of the disability and disability decision attached if you need anything else and you can catch me in your program, please call me at the phone number above or on e- the mail shows


  • I included Mr. Enea is among the beneficiaries of the Association and we try to help him with what we can and receive from sponsorships.
  • As part of the “Together for the Holidays” Campaign, I sent Mr. Aeneas, a pallet of firewood. Thanks to our sponsor.


Artists Paula Seling and Florin Chilian come to Brașov to support the causes of two seriously ill children. It is for the second year in a row when the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, together with the “AdTeam” Advertising Agency in Brașov, organizes the “Aici pentru Tine” Charity Gala, an event that will take place on February 23, 2018, at Hotel Aro Palace * **** Brașov.


With the help of people with a big heart, in 2018, we are with two serious medical cases. Specifically, we are with two beautiful, wonderful children, whose fate we will try to change.

Răzvan is 13 years old and urgently needs a kidney transplant, and the costs of investigations and surgery amount to over 2,000 Euros. In the absence of donors, the child’s kidney will be donated by his mother. “I am the mother of two beautiful children, a 12-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Our problems started in 2015, at the beginning, after a series of analyzes that we did for the little boy. The diagnosis made by doctors was ruthless: “heart failure” with birth defects and “stage 5 kidney failure.” There are many needs when you have a sick child and a small one.” says Veronica, the boy’s mother. Răzvan is now on dialysis every 4 hours.


We are also with Cristina, a beautiful young woman who also turned 13 years old. She is completely paralyzed. He was born with a heart defect, a “hole” that at the age of 5 was operated on and “plugged” with a “patch” by doctors. In April 2017, she underwent a heart operation, but during the operation, the child’s brain was no longer oxygenated, says the father, and he became paralyzed. Various steps have been taken to change the girl’s condition. The only result was a few injections that helped the girl so she started to move her hand a little and smile. However, an injection costs 500 lei, and the family is already in significant debts. The girl should have two such injections a week, but due to lack of money the treatment is not kept as it should be. In addition, there are other huge costs for recovery exercises and other medical investigations.


Together with us, in support of these two serious medical cases, the artists Paula Seling and Florin Chilian, Claudia Șuteu and Ioana Bozga confirmed their presence at the event, in an event presented by Andreea Marin.



During the Charity Gala, those present will have the opportunity to make donations to support the actions we carry out, and will also be able to participate in a unique auction of paintings signed by the artist Dan Mălureanu.


Also, at the event, the “Celebre” Fashion House will present the new collection, and models are invited by Artemis Models Brașov.


This year, the public will have access to the event, but the number of seats is limited. Those interested can write to us at the email address: contact@asociatie.ebroderie.com, they can contact us by phone or they can pay the value of the invitation, through an online donation, in the PayPal account of the Association. The value of the invitation is 35 Euros. Deadline for purchasing tickets: February 16, 2018!


In 2017, the funds obtained during the Charity Gala were redirected to support a social case. Cara Maria, 48, the mother of two beautiful children, urgently needed a prosthesis for her foot. It was also bought throughout the year. Cara Maria received material and emotional support from the Association. Two, even three times a week, Cara Maria went with us to the “Saint Constantine” Hospital, where she received expensive medical treatments to treat the varicose ulcer she suffers from. Last but not least, Maria underwent a long series of medical investigations, which revealed the serious diseases she suffers from, the genetic mutations “factor V Leiden” and “Lupus”, a medically critical combination. At this moment, Maria continues the treatments for all this and will continue to be registered in the “Aici pentru Tine” Association.

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You can make donations to the account of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, opened at Unicredit Ţiriac: RO64 BACX 0000 0010 9580 7001.

For more information, you can contact us by phone at: 0726.686.793 – Adina Camelia Gal

“We take them out of anonymity, and YOU make a difference by changing their life story.”