She needs an urgent surgery at the leg! Donate 2 Euros at 8827 with the text: Magda

She needs an urgent surgery at the leg! Donate 2 Euros at 8827 with the text: Magda

“A beautiful woman. Hard to try her luck, but she also proved to be a strong woman. She also has the strength to fight for those like her, who came to live in the wheelchair, even though they were born healthy. For just a moment, it is sometimes enough to turn your whole life upside down. Magda rose above the feelings that can put a man to the ground in a situation without return. She was not beaten. She found a stronger force within her than pain, rebellion, bitterness, humiliation, powerlessness – all this and much more, in one place.

 It has been rebuilt. She continued to learn. He finished his psychology, but she didn’t stop here. She reborn and gave birth – not without risks – to the wonder of her life. A sensitive little girl, who looks like her. She built a movement for hard-working people like her – Atipic Beauty. She is one of the people who set the foundation for change for the better. A model to follow. 

But unfortunately, Magda’s health is now experiencing a new moment of accomplishment, and we know well that without a state of balance, our dreams cannot reach far. A foot surgery, necessary, performed in Romania, but unsuccessful, today has consequences that cannot be overlooked. As if it is not enough to live in a wheelchair, the rod that the doctors have recently fitted is longer than it should have been and could risk breaking its ball. 

Magda must be operated again, which is why it is urgent. Acibadem Class Healthcare Services has joined our cause, bringing two emeritus doctors to Bucharest and giving them free preliminary consultation, but also a significant reduction in the cost of the surgery, but she needs us all. The intervention has an unavoidable cost: 7000 euros, far beyond what she can afford … ”says Andreea Marin on her Facebook page.

We are also trying to lend a helping hand and help Magda. On holidays we can do a good deed, we can change destinies.

Every one of us, every message, matters!

Donate 2 Euros by SMS, at 8827, with the text: Magda