The “Aici pentru Tine” Association with Ms. Anna, at her 103 birthday!

The “Aici pentru Tine” Association with Ms. Anna, at her 103 birthday!

After more than a century, passing through two World Wars, countless tries from life and not only, Ms. Anna Kovacs from Apata, county of Brasov, has turned 103 years old. The whole village has reached at her doorstep to congratulate her and to find something about the woman’s life story.

She lives alone, her husband has died 41 years ago, and the most important thing is that she is healthy. She does the house chores by herself, she cooks and takes care of her little garden in front of her house. Moreover, the lady has three hens which she loves and takes care of them with so much happiness.

The old lady says that during the World Wars she spent the worst years, but also says that she passed over all the problems with the help of God and with a balanced and active way of life. Moreover, Ms. Anna says that the secret is the eating habits, which she was really careful of. She has never eaten processed products, only homemade meals.

Everyday Anna wakes up at 5 AM, puts up the fire, goes out to the hens, eats and drinks a cup of coffee. The day continues with the daily house chores and some sleep to recover her energy.

At 103 years, Ms. Anna Kovacs is having a blast while the neighbors are visiting her, but mostly the visit of the two children she has. A 76 years old boy and a 78 years old girl. On her birthday, the old lady has welcomed all the people who wanted to congratulate her, and was really happy about the flowers and sweets. The cherry on top was a chocolate cake which she tasted immediately! She is grateful for everyday and she wants to still be healthy.

Ms. Anna Kovacs is in the “Aici pentru Tine” Association’s register for over 2 years and is visited as many times as possible.