The “childhood workshops” have come to an end! See the 2% campaign results

Between April 21 – May 23, the Association “Aici pentru Tine”, together with Coresi Shopping Resort, organized 5 actions within the shopping center, through which we carried out educational activities with parents and children. Children from the community and from the placement centers were also present.

At the same time, the volunteers of the Association have filled in the redirection forms of 2% of the income tax, to those who have agreed to reach the Association, respectively for the children from the placement centers.

The actions involved creative, dance and music workshops for 10 – 20 children, along with coordinators and representatives of the Association “Aici pentru Tine”. In addition to these workshops, the little ones benefited from a snack, train and carousel rides in the mall and fun times in the playground!

But to be able to carry out as many actions as possible, we need a means of transport, which we do not have, and the costs of an action are not small.

With the help of the big souls, the sponsors, we can manage to make beautiful actions further!

Campaign results

The volunteer teams totaled 10 people, who interacted with the public and completed hundreds of forms 230. Most of the forms were completed by people from Brasov and Brasov County. Forms also came from Prahova, Buzau, Vrancea and Bacau. Last but not least, forms from Galati, Arges, Covasna, Suceava, Vaslui, Braila, Neamt, Dambovita, Iasi, Mures, Constanta, Cluj and Botosani were completed.

Campaign visibility

For one month, the actions were promoted on the website of the Association, on the Facebook page, through events on Facebook and by distributing them to the groups in Brasov.

Coresi Shopping Resort was the main sponsor who supported us and provided us with the space necessary to carry out the activities, both on stage and at “seating”.

Thank you!

We especially thank all those who filled out 230 forms of 2% redirection of income tax. We also thank the volunteers who have been seriously involved in this campaign.


Last but not least, we thank Coresi Shopping Resort and those who helped us with the activities, the sports dance club “Dance With Me Studio” and “Dance Academy”, in Brasov.

Between April 24 – May 23, the Association “Aici pentru Tine” organizes 5 actions within the shopping center Coresi Shopping Resort. We aim to carry out educational activities with parents and children. It is an action involving parents and interested children, but also children from the “Magura” Placement Center in Codlea. The events aim to integrate children, from centers, into society, but also to raise funds to support them. The volunteers of the Association will complete forms for redirecting 2% of the income tax, to the parents who agree with this aspect.


As so far, the Fiscal Code offers taxpayers the opportunity to redirect 2% of the income tax, due for the past year, to a non-profit entity. Basically, you can complete FORM 230 (for income from salaries) or 200 (for income from other sources).

Once completed, these forms will be submitted by us to the local financial administration, until May 25. And you can support a noble cause! Together we redirect 2% for the children in the placement centers.


The children’s programs involve creative, dance and music workshops for 10 – 20 children, along with 2 – 3 coordinators and representatives of the Association “Aici pentru Tine”.


-Dance workshop: Children will have dance instructors alongside and will have the opportunity to learn the basic steps of the different styles of standard and Latin dance.

-Painting workshop: children will have the opportunity to learn painting techniques and will be able to paint with the help of materials provided by the Association. The theme is: spring.

-Games workshop: children will have a lot of fun games, and with the help of coordinators will be able to play and communicate with each other.

-Creation workshop: children will have different materials available with the help of the rider will be able to make various jewelry, bracelets, etc. Handmade items can be taken home by the little ones.

-Music workshop: in this case, the little ones will be able to learn from a professional some tips in the field, they will do karaoke for the little ones and last but not least, our artist, surprise, will be able to sing for those present.

The motto of the Association “Aici pentru Tine” is: “We take them out of anonymity, and you make a difference by changing their life story.”


We get involved, we put our soul and support cases with impressive life stories, and our projects are carried out throughout the county of Brasov.


Values: Education, Involvement, Support, Change, Development


Mission: Initiate, expand, improve integrated social services for marginalized individuals and groups, for abandoned children, abused mothers, young people with special results, nationally and internationally recognized, promote the rights recognized by the legislation in force.


The “Aici pentru Tine” association was born out of love for our neighbor. Not infrequently we think that fate has given too little to some of us, and now they need help.


Without parental love, alone and vulnerable, children in placement centers are perhaps the most helpless. For them, we must extend a helping hand, speak a good word and guide them on the right path.


The desire to integrate the children from the placement centers into society, both through education and through cultural activities, is the vision for which the Association “Aici pentru Tine” was born. For every young person who leaves these centers at the age of 18, he or she will have had the necessary experiences to be independent until then.