The honest story of Mr. Enea, from Dolj

Dear friends, this is a message received on the Association’s email address. A message full of honesty, and we are putting it here, exactly the same as we received it. Look at the emotional words of Mr. Enea:

“I am a man with a physical disability, definitive, from Dolj county, I have a child with polymorphic dyslalia and dislombar scoliosis with double curvature, and he doesn’t live with me, he lives with his mother, as we are divorced because of my disability, and her parents told her to leave with her children from my place. My disability pension is 272 lei and I have 520 lei, money for my invalidity which are not enough, I pay 100 lei to maintenance, I would need an electrical bike to go visit my son because he lives 30 km away from me and a smartphone for games. I discovered your web site on the internet, and I saw that you help people with disabilities and people exposed to isolation like me, with my age between 35-65 years old I ask for your help,I live in a village with only a few inhabitants. My e-mail is, money for the house repairing with plaster of cement and multibat 2500, I don’t know how much does the roof repairing costs, but when it rains cats and dogs and when it comes the harsh winter all the water and snow comes inside the house, and wood stumps. My address is; Enea Flori, Sapata Village, Str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza No. 12, Com Macescu de Jos, Dolj, postal code 207371, phone number 0762637016 I will also attach the copy after the disability and invalidity decision if you need more information and you can fit me in you program please call me at the phone number attached or on my e-mail address…”


  • we included Mr. Enea as one of our beneficiaries and we try to help him as much as we can and with what we collect from our sponsors
  • Within the “Together on holidays” Campaign, we sent Mr. Enea a pallet of firewood. Many thanks to our sponsor