The “Together on holidays” Campaign 2017, at the end

The “Together on holidays” Campaign 2017, at the end

The “Together on holidays” Campaign, organized by “Aici pentru Tine” Association, from Brașov, has reached to an successful ending. For the third year in a row, the organization has prepared  packages containing food, clothes, shoes, toys and many more, for the families who live in disadvantaged areas, the beneficiaries of the Association, abandoned children and not only from Brașov, but also from the surroundings.

All of these would not be possible without the help of the people with big hearts, from the sponsors, partners and the volunteers at the “Aici pentru Tine” Association, and, in this way, we thank them so much!

Taking the numbers in consideration, we are talking about two tons of clothing items, over 17 tons of wood stumps, hundreds of bags and boxes with gifts for the little ones, and almost two tons of food, perishable and unperishable.

Hundreds of bags and boxes with gifts had been prepared for the children, from the students to the Schools number 30’s and 27’s teachers. Also, the kindergarten number 33 from Brasov, has prepared tens of kilograms of fruit and vegetables, for the needy.

Also, a big company from Brasov, who wanted to stay in anonymity, donated over 600 kilograms of food, such as oil, sugar, flour, bread and sweets. Moreover, the companies Olympus România, Covalact România, Lactate Brădet, Transilvania Lactate, Saray Confectionary, BomBo Confectionary had made a big donation containing food.

From November 1, when the “Together on holidays” Campaign has begun till the end of it, on December 15 2017, tens of brasovians had arrived at the Association’s headquarters to donate clothes, shoes, toys, books, appliances, duvets, bedings and many more. The products had been sorted by the Association’s representatives and volunteers.

In addition, within the Campaign, a company from Horezu, Vâlcea, has donated over 17 tons of wood stumps for the families who live in disadvantaged areas. The wood material has been transported with the help of Speed&Trust company from Brasov, who has made a big effort, as in just a few hours, to arrive loaded to the beneficiaries.

We thank to all the people who helped us and has been with us, all the sponsors and partners, local and national mass-media, and the last, but not the least, to all brasovanians who gathered in a big number to donate to the needy people.

Where did all the donations went? Well, all these donations went to the needy people, the children, the elder, disadvantaged families from Brasov, Săcele, Târlungeni, Ghimbav, Codlea, Făgăraș, Apața, Rupea, Căpeni, Vama Buzăului, Lunca Craiului. The actions of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association are transparent and can be seen on our Facebook page:, but also on our official site,