Together we help a young woman in need of help to reintegrate

The “Aici pentru Tine” Association has met a dramatic story of a young woman of Romani ethnicity, who was a victim of domestic violence. The despair, if we can call it like this, has pushed her to drastic gestures, and in 2013 she was convicted for qualified murder. More accurately, the woman killed her man because she could no longer bear the beating and torment on her and the children, as she herself said.

Elisabeta Căldărar has chosen to speak in public with the filmmakers of “Recurs la Morală” from the Romanian Television. The woman says she had a rough childhood, as she grew at the orphanage, without a mother and a father


The young woman, who is currently 38 years old, is now locked up in Târgușor Prison. She just got 7 years of sentence for acknowledging his deed and for the sincerity with which she told the investigators, and, from the investigations made by the authorities it was precisely what she said. This year, she is proposed for release.

It is really rare for a murderer to admit her crime and to tell the truth with every detail.

The “Aici pentru Tine” Association from Brașov is supporting this case and will try to help Elisabeta Căldărar to reintegrate in society, to have a place to live in, but also to get a job. But does Elisabeta agree?

You can watch the whole show “Recurs la morală” right here:


After a week, Elisabeta’s answer came, through the show “Recurs la morală”, played by the Romanian Television.

“I would really want and I was glad that there is still someone who cannot leave me in bad times and who is loving my children and feels the need to help a woman who hasn’t had a normal life. And for that, I will be thankful, I will never forget these things.” Says Elisabeta Căldărar through the “Recurs la morală”.

You can watch the recorded answer here: