Weekend with the children from the Codlea’s Placement Center, “Magura”

It is really important for the children from Placement Centers to take part in various activities, to go out and play and to socialize, and together we help with their social integration. The “Aici pentru Tine” Association from Brasov permanently carries out activities with these children and is dedicating their time for the children’s future.

A lot of children from the “Magura” Placement Center, from Codlea, had an unforgettable activity, together with the representatives of the “Aici pentru Tine” Association. The little ones socialized with other children, played with the slays, made snowman and ate at a local restaurant, and for that we thank Pizza Hut Brasov and AdTeam Brasov.

The children from the Placement Center need us, need love, support, social integration, and fort that the “Aici pentru Tine” Association from Brasov, is trying to give a helping hand for their future.

The “Aici pentru Tine” Association is an non-governmental organization, which contributes to the children’s community development from the placement centers, for the ones from unfavorable social areas and mistreated mothers. We involve, put our souls and support the cases with impressive life stories. Our projects are going throughout all Brasov county.

Values: Education, Implication, Support, Change, Development.